Tattoo Lettering

Tattoo LetteringBuffy the vampire slayer are just a few of the countless tattoo lettering styles. Every known font can be used as a style for tattoo. Every tattoo artist will have a set of styles which may not be the same for the other. Tattoo artists who only specialize in hand-lettering are the traditional tattoo artists and are trained only in a handful of styles.

Tattoo LetteringTattoo as an art form has been flourishing just like any other of its kind. By creating new styles, every artist contributes to the growth of his own expertise and skill, thereby building on the various styles that have already existed. Moreover, the tattoo industry recognizes certain basic styles for tattooing. In case a tattoo design fuses picture art with lettering, it will look best if the lettering style equals or complements the tattoo style.

Tattoo LetteringAvoid settling for a tattoo lettering style that is popular because there may be a risk of the other person having it already. Fashion and body art are similar in the sense that the various styles come and go but unlike the former, the tattoo is etched on the skin forever. Always choose a lettering style that gives meaning and raises the quality of your text.

Tattoo LetteringMany online tattoo galleries along with their designs, have a listing of fonts to choose from. You can also do an online search for tattoo lettering fonts to find several websites that have them available for free to download. There is such a wide variety of tattoo lettering available today that no matter what kind of style you have in mind.

Tattoo Lettering

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