Lion Tattoos

Lion TattoosSo you are thinking about a lion tattoos, You’ve made a great choice. After all the lion has been regarded by many as the king of beasts over the ages. The same remains true even today. In the animal kingdom lions are the true monarchs – they are the crowned leaders. Leaders have frequently used lions as the symbol of strength and leadership for thousands of years.

Lion TattoosThere’s a huge assortment of lion tattoo options for you to consider. The majority of people select a real-looking lion that accurately represents the king of beasts. Your options include selecting a cool, calm and collected lion. Or you can choose a lion with its teeth showing, as if in the midst of a booming roar. No matter what the final choice, a skilled tattoo artist can soon craft a striking, genuine looking lion tattoo for you.

Lion TattoosPeople who choose to have a lion tattoo usually go for a realistic looking animal. Do you want a calm lion or a lion that’s bearing its teeth in a thunderous roar. Any good tattoo artist can create a realistic looking lion on some part of your skin. The choice of a size for a lion tattoo ranges far and wide. You may just have the lion’s head represented. Or you can have the entire animal inked into your skin. Any size you choose, the size is up to you. Want a lion that’s just a few inches big or one that covers your entire back or front? Or something in between. A lion tattoo need not be complicated. Even a single color lion tattoo can look dramatic. Though the best looking tattoos use more than one color.

Lion TattoosThe cost of a lion tattoo, like the cost of any other kind of tattoo, is based on size and intricacy of design. The more the colors, the higher the cost. If you want a large lion with a natural habitat in the background, be prepared to pay for it. In any case, if you are interested in projecting an image of strength and power, you can’t go wrong with a lion tattoo. If the tattoo artist doing the work for you is a good one, you can really have a powerful symbol inked into your skin and displayed on your body.

Lion TattoosLion tattoos will send the message of might, force, authority and leadership. Take the time to conduct online research and to find just the right design. Then make sure you locate a true artist to create the right tattoo for you.

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