Chinese Tattoos

The first thing to do here is to clarify what we mean by Chinese tattoos; we do not mean a tattoo of a map of china or pictures of Chinese people, what we are referring to is of course the tattoo writing of Chinese symbols and using this to express a sentiment or a motivational saying.

Many sports personalities have adopted the practice of having some motivational saying in Chinese tattooed to their body as their mantra and to help them focus in a very competitive environment.

Chinese TattoosChinese Tattoos

Celebrities from the world of film and music have adopted Chinese tattoos for a very long time now and have done this as a motivational saying, or showing the place of their greatest triumph or declaring their love for another and even the names of their children.

Chinese TattoosChinese Tattoos

It may come as a surprise to know that tattoos were not at all popular in China itself and in fact were seen as the mark of gangsters and criminals who used tattoos to show their loyalty to a particular criminal gang or to show their rank and perhaps specialty in the criminal underworld. Tattoos were therefore not worn by ordinary people or celebrities in Chinese culture.

Chinese TattoosChinese Tattoos

Why have sportsmen and celebrities adapted them here in western culture, this is very difficult to say for sure as no one can really speak to the motivation of another. However in western culture the key to being a successful sports person or celebrity is to be original and or trendy. Only the very top tier of celebrities can be original if they do something it is sure to be followed but minor celebrities could fall on their face and look silly if it the trend they tried to set was seen as silly and not trendy.

Most celebrities have now got tattoos and what was once seen as a military/sailor tradition is now widespread and seen as very trendy.

Who should get Chinese Tattoos well this is very easy to answer, anyone and everyone who wants one, we are living in the age of choice and it is up to us to make the decision. You do not need to be in the Chinese criminal underworld, nor be a sportsperson or celebrity and you certainly no longer need to join the military, all you need to do is select your tattoo and go ahead and get it.

Chinese TattoosChinese Tattoos

Small word of caution, the Chinese symbols are complex and cannot be slightly altered or adapted to suit, this changes the meaning, so please make sure you get a proper translation of what it is you want to say and not end up having nonsense tattooed.

Chinese TattoosChinese Tattoos

Olivia Curtis loves tattoos and has become a big fan of Writing Tattoos with a pet hate for those that get the writing wrong ending up with a nonsense statement instead of a dedication to loved ones or an inspirational quote.

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